Configuring Microsoft Outlook Macintosh for HawkMail
(Outlook for Macintosh 2011)


These instructions are for configuring an email client to work with the University's new HawkMail email system. If your University of Hartford email account is on the "old" email system, you must move it to the new HawkMail system before using these instructions.

If you are unsure which system your email account is on, you can check here:

For information about the new HawkMail system, and how to move your email account to it, click here:

This document describes how to configure Microsoft Outlook 2011 on Macintosh to work with HawkMail on all student, faculty and staff computers.
Start Outlook 2011 for Macintosh.

Click the "Tools" menu and choose "Accounts...."

When the "Accounts" window appears, click "Exchange Account":
When the "Enter your Exchange account information" window appears:
  • Enter your University of Hartford email address
  • Make sure "Method" is set to "User Name and Password"
  • Enter your full University of Hartford email address as your User name
  • Enter your University of Hartford email password
  • Be sure "Configure automatically" is unchecked
  • Enter as the server

Click "Add Account":

Your University of Hartford account should now appear in the window to the left.

Close the "Accounts" window.

Outlook may take some time to download your messages, depending on the speed of your network connection.
Suggested: Send yourself a test message to ensure that you can send and receive email.

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