Forwarding Mail to Another Account

To forward incoming email to another email account, you must create an "Inbox Rule" on your account with two actions:
  • one to redirect a copy of the email message to the desired account
  • one to delete the message from your HawkMail account

Important: If you don't delete messages as they are forwarded, copies of them will accumulate in your HawkMail account until it fills up and stops processing mail altogether!

Log into your HawkMail account via the web at

Click "Options" in the upper right corner of the web page, and then click "Create an Inbox Rule...."
Under "Inbox Rules," click "New..." (don't click the little drop-down arrow to the right of "New...").
  • When the message arrives, and: [Apply to all messages]
  • Do the following: Redirect the message to...
Once you choose "Redirect the message to..." above, a new Address Book window will pop up prompting you to select or enter an address:
  • Enter the destination address in the "To ->" field

Click "OK."

The Address Book window will close, and the entered address will now appear (shown circled below).

Now click "More Options...."

This will reveal a new "Add Action" button.

Click "Add Action."

  • Select one
  • Move, copy, or delete
  • Delete the message

Optional: You may change the "Name of rule" to something else, such as "Forwarding" if you like.

Click "Save."

A prompt will appear asking you to confirm that you want to apply this rule.

Click "Yes."

You will now have a new rule that is "On."
NOTE: If you wish to discontinue forwarding, you can just return to this screen and UNcheck the box in the "On" column, or highlight the rule, and click the delete button (the "X" next to the "Details" button).
Sign out of HawkMail.
Suggested: Send yourself a test message to ensure that it goes to the account that you specified.

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