Configuring Microsoft Entourage for HawkMail
(Version 2008 with Web Services Edition patch)


These instructions are for configuring an email client to work with the University's new HawkMail email system. If your University of Hartford email account is on the "old" email system, you must move it to the new HawkMail system before using these instructions.

If you are unsure which system your email account is on, you can check here:

For information about the new HawkMail system, and how to move your email account to it, click here:

This document describes how to configure Microsoft Entourage (2008) on Macintosh to work with HawkMail on all student, faculty and staff computers. During this process, you will:
  • Apply all updates to Entourage
  • Upgrade your copy of Entourage to "Web Services Edition" which will make it compatible with HawkMail
  • Import Entourage's previous account settings from before the "Web Services Edition" upgrade (if applicable)
  • Configure Entourage for HawkMail
Apply all updates to Entourage

The Web Services upgrade patch will only work on a fully updated Office/Entourage installation.

To install updates, click Entourage's "Help" menu and choose "Check for Updates":

Follow the prompts to install any/all updates (there may be more than one). The process will repeat itself until all updates are installed and a message appears stating that there are none available.

Click "OK."

Upgrade your copy of Entourage to "Web Services Edition"

Download and install the "Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac, Web Services Edition" upgrade kit from Microsoft's web site at the link below. Note: This link is correct as of March 13, 2013. Microsoft periodically provides updates for Entourage, so you must be sure that the Version of the Web Services Edition Update matches that of your Entourage installation. If you have fully updated Entourage, and still receive a "no valid installation of Entourage has been found" message, you will need to search Microsoft's site for a more up-to-date Web Services Edition update.

Click the "Download" button on the Microsoft web page"
Double-click the downloaded file to start the installer:
Double-click the Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition icon in the installer window:
A notification will appear.

Click "Continue":

The installer will start.

Click "Continue":

The installer's "Read Me" will appear.

Click "Continue":

The License Agreement will appear.

Click "Continue":

Agree to the License Agreeement:
A compatibility check will run.

Click "Continue":

A message warning you that when you install the update, you will not have access to older Microsoft Exchange servers unless you reinstall Entourage will apear.

Click "Continue":

The "Installation Type" windows will appear.

Click "Install":

When the installation completes, click "Close":
Import Entourage's previous account settings

When you upgrade Entourage to Web Services Edition, any existing account profiles will be deleted. You can immediately restore them after the upgrade, and will be automatically prompted to do so the first time you start Entourage after upgrading it.

If you do not wish to reinstate any accounts previously connected to Entourage (or you didn't have any), you can choose "Start using Entourage without importing anything" (if prompted as shown below) and skip to "Configure Entourage for HawkMail" below.

Otherwise, choose "Import from a previous version of Entourage" and click the "right arrow" icon to continue:

Choose "Entourage 2008" and click the "right arrow" icon to continue:
All items should be preselected -- click the "right arrow" icon to continue:
If you had more than on Identity defined, select the one you'd like to import at this time (if there is only one, it will be preselected) -- click the "right arrow" icon to continue:
A message warning you that with the Web Services Edition upgrade, you will not have access to older Microsoft Exchange servers.

Click "OK":

Entourage will ask for permission to access your Mac's keychains to that it can automatically configure passwords for your email accounts.

Click "Always Allow":

Entourage will complete the import of your previous accounts.

Click "Finish":

Drag the Entourage Web Services Edition installer disk to the Trash/Eject button to eliminate it:
Configure Entourage for HawkMail

On the Entourage menu, choose "Tools" and then "Accounts...":

Click "Mail" and then click the "New" icon:
n cIn the New Account window, click "Setup Assistant":
In the Account Setup Assistant window:
  • Check "My account is on an Exchange server"
  • Then click "Configure Account Manually"
In the Edit Account Setup window:
  • Account name: Enter an Account name to help you distinguish this account from any others within Entourage
  • Name: Enter your full name
  • E-mail address: Your University of Hartford email address
  • Account ID: Your University of Hartford email address (again)
  • Password: Your University of Hartford email password
  • Check "Save password in my Mac OS keychain"

Click the "Advanced" button in the ribbon at the top of the window.

In the Exchange Server field, enter

Click "OK."

Your HawkMail account should now be listed in Entourage's Accounts window.

Close the window.

Your account should now be listed in the panel to the left.

To activate it and synchronize your messages:

  • Click the "Tools" menu
  • Select "Send & Receive"
  • Select your Exchange Account
Outlook may take some time to download your messages, depending on the speed of your network connection.
Suggested: Send yourself a test message to ensure that you can send and receive email.

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